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Modern Gingham

Friday, March 27, 2015

Ahhh, Passover

Hi, my name is Kathy, and I celebrate Passover.  Yep.  One of the most labor intensive cooking holidays that non-restrictive eaters and those that are intolerant of  gluten can join around a table, and eat together without special accommodation.  That is because during Passover, flour containing products are forbidden.  The only things with gluten we can eat is matzoh.  And there is a history that I could describe as to why one eats matzoh, but perhaps it is better for you to read about the culinary history of Passover, here.

I write this post, because even though following a Passover diet is a challenge, I treat this holiday like a dinner party.  I tend to host a ton of people-last year 32 people joined us.  This year, I am hosting 14.  And, I am planning my menu.  I have a slew of cookbooks I use.
My preferred cookbooks for Passover

And I have only one requirement for what I can include (outside the requirements of Passover rules for all those who "do" Passover), and that is the Seder has to be vegetarian.  Because, and I say this with love and acceptance, that traditional Passover Seder meals, and all things with matzoh, have a tendency to not contain roughage.  So, in efforts to have a fully functioning digestive system, we at my house eat a very veggie heavy meal.
My proposed menu
So here goes for my planning...Wish me luck.  Or as Mel Brooks might say, "May the shwartz be with me."

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